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Focused on students

Practical experience and cooperation with schools

Our company has long been developing a cooperation with technical high schools and universities. In recent years, we have already expanded this cooperation to primary schools in the region.

Our intention is to systematically work with young people, in order to get them to study in technically oriented schools. The success of our business relies heavily on the engineering sector. Slovakia is an industrial country with a dominant position in the engineering and automotive industries. Industrial production is the "engine of innovation" in Slovakia.

In this context, the lack of young, professionally well-educated people in the required professions has become critical.

For students we offer:

  • Summer jobs
  • Theses (Bachelor, Diploma)
  • Scholarships for selected students
  • Prospect of future employment
  • Excursions to our company

Activities we carry out:

  • Lectures for teachers and counselors of local elementary schools
  • Trips to our company for students, their teachers and parents
  • Participation in plenary meetings of parents' associations, recruitment activities of secondary schools
  • Presentation of the company at events organized for primary school students (open days in primary schools, Robotics Day, etc.)
  • We support the equipment of primary schools by investing in the renovation of workshops.
  • We offer links between studies in secondary schools and jobs in our company.

Advantages of the partnership between the high school and KONŠTRUKTA-TireTech:

  • Basic knowledge and skills immediately applicable in practice
  • Professional practice on real machines and equipment
  • Study courses related to the needs of KONSTTRUKTA-TireTech
  • financial motivation
  • Future job prospects
  • Possibility of scholarship for selected students
  • employability in the labor market
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